Siren's Hall

Visual arts and Music have always had a particular link. What with all the music one needs to listen to while making art, to the reference artists have been making in their art works from Mondrian's Boogie Woogie Broadway to Bencabs rockstar portraits to all the art bands that have cropped up from art schools to all the noise and fury sound art makes. Siren's Hall came up as a way to tie up music and art together not as cover art to a bands album but as a separate project that talks about music in a visual way whether it be a visual artist collaborating with a musician, or musicians using visual art to convey music , or visual artists using sound and music to make their projects. The people invited to the show are usually involved in the arts. It is a celebration of the ongoing love the visual art has for music and a way to engage in experimentation and play.

Participating artistsAllan Balisi, Bru Sim, Dexter Fernandez, Dina Gadia, Enteng Viray, Erick Encinares, Eugene Jarque, Gani Simpliciano, Gary Ross Pastrana, Kanamura Hitoshi, Kat Medina, Louie Cordero, Lena Cobangbang, Lyle Buencamino, Lourd de Veyra, Mariano Ching, Mark Salvatus, Marcus Nada, Mike Munoz, MM Yu, Masi Solano, Manuel Alvero, Nice Buenaventura, Poklong Anading, Pow Martinez, Romeo Lee, Raena Abella, Radioactive Sago Project, Sam Kiyoumarsi, Sleepyheads, Tim Brown, Vic Balanon

Organized by Mariano Ching

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