berliner-liste 2010

fair for contemporary art,
photography and art since 1960
/// october 7 - october 10

Sex and death, consumption and decay, sensuality and the macabre are prevalent themes infused in my work.  Hardcore pornographic pictures are transformed into profound images bearing with my distinct illustration style; the vivid lines, figures, and colors highlighting naked flesh and visible guts rather than masking the provocative imagery.  Polarity plays a crucial part in the effectiveness of this images—the obscene couplings with whimsical illustrations, morbid fascination and flippant curiosity—but on the other hand, i didn’t entirely go off tangent with pairing sex and death for this series of work. Snuff as pornography, intercourse as another form of death, sexual consumption as total possession; both are irreverent and verboten subjects that figure in my works, but I injects my own brand of artistry that makes us view these topics with fresh insight and an amused grin.

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