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Street Meet is happy to announce its second year of Saskatoon’s Annual Street, Public and Graffiti Art Festival, a three-day summer festival celebrating new, contemporary public art.
We’ve all driven, cycled or walked past Saskatoon’s wide array of public art, and it may have shaped our ideas of what ‘public art’ means. Many of us expect it to be permanent, durable, heavy, big and sculptural. But are there other possibilities? Between July 4-6, through a series of artworks, workshops and discussions, Street Meet will explore new and exciting ways to make and appreciate public art. Feature artists include Shallom Johnson (Indigo) of Cape Town, South Africa, a street muralist who wheatpastes on alternative surfaces that are sometimes never seen. Laura Hale (Regina, SK) makes ephemeral works in ice and coloured mulch that stand in stark contrast to the permanent public works she’s been known to create. Saskatonian artist Sean Fawcett (Sirvis), is a prolific local graffiti and hip hop artist who has participated in Under Pressure, Montreal and will create a large piece on 20th West. Dex Fernandez (Manila, Philippines) will create a custom vinyl piece based on the subject of his prolific street art practice, the ‘Garapata’. Indigo will conduct a Beginner’s Poster Pasting workshop with introductions to wheatpasting followed by art making and pasting. Peter Gibson, (Roadsworth) of Montreal will Skype in for Q&A at the screening of his 2008 documentary Roadsworth: Crossing the Line. Sterling Downey, Under Pressure graffiti-festival-founder-gone-city-councillor in Montreal, will present a keynote address alongside Melissa Proietti, the international festival’s coordinator. Street Meet’s founder and director, and artist behind the contentious Found Compressions One and Two, Keeley Haftner will lead a panel discussion with these artists and speakers on public art in its sanctioned and unsanctioned forms.
Street Meet: Saskatoon’s 2nd Annual Street, Public and Graffiti Art Festival a not-for-profit group in collaboration with a number of community organizations. The festival is three-day event for the purpose of showcasing art in Saskatoon’s public spaces, staged successfully for the first time in the summer of 2013. Street Meet serves as a response to Saskatoon’s prevalence of permanent public art sculpture, and looks not only to provide a more immediate or ephemeral alternative to such artworks, but also to discuss the meaning of public art as a whole in a city with a strong history of public, street and graffiti art display but very little public dialogue on these practices.


Saskatoon, Canada

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